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TRÉAN Services

Clearing Services

TRÉAN Group provides professional traders, institutions, and high-net individual traders and investors with multiple options for futures clearing.

Each clearing firm (FCM) provides different levels of access to global markets, technology, specialized services and offers different advantages. We select the right firm based on your specific needs.

Additionally, we provide high-levels of support to ensure trades are properly cleared and you receive the service you expect from each FCM.

Clear Street
Phillip Capital
RJO Brien

Leverage our in-depth knowledge and expertise in working with various specialists in each FCM to support an array of professional trading strategies and environments.

Questions about clearing services and how we can help? Speak with a TRÉAN Group professional.


Professional futures traders expect more than just a trading platform. They expect you to speak the language of trading technology.



We can pair you with a technology team that ensures reliable hosting, direct market access, and API set-up coordination, as well as platform setup and support.

Black box hosting and support

Whether you’re BYOB (bring your own box) or need help getting one set-up, take advantage of our in-house knowledge facilitated by partnerships with recognized trading technology providers to professionally host and support your electronic trading systems.

CME Group Aurora Data Center

Hosting can be managed out of the CME Group’s Aurora Data Center–putting you as close to the market data as physically possible for optimum speed and access. Whether you need your own cage or shared access, we facilitate a number of trade hosting options.

Data Connectivity

Choose from leading market data feed providers including CQG, TT, and Rhythmic to access the markets and feeds you need.


Trading Platforms

Select from a complete array of futures trading platforms to support your trading. We offer specialized support in core professional trading platforms including: Fidessa, CGQ, TT, CTS, Patsystems, QST, CME Direct, and Bloomberg.

Direct Market Access (DMA)

Looking for DMA? TRÉAN Group has select relationships with providers ready to fit your needs.

Algo development

Whether you’re looking to take a point-and-click built strategy to the next level, bring your well-researched strategy to life, or looking to enhance an existing algo—TRÉAN Group leverages its knowledge and partnerships to see your algo development needs get built.

Ready to talk tech? Connect With Our Trading Tech Specialist.

Trade Execution

Providing exceptional trade execution, including electronic execution platforms, block order management, and order management expertise in all major global futures markets, along with commentary, strategy, and trade analysis.

Trade Execution

Trade Execution

TRÉAN Group trade execution means complete support managed by our competent, professional execution team. We offer trade execution support via:

  • Open outcry
    for the trades that are simply still best executed from the floor
  • Phone support
    speak directly with our professional execution team
  • Messaging platforms
    including Bloomberg, CME Direct/Pivot
  • Market color commentary and updates
    daily insight into market activities from the TRÉAN Group team and other market specialists

Why TRÉAN Group?

  • Experienced professionals in handling large institutional orders for money managers, hedge funds, treasury accounts, portfolio managers
  • Specializes in understanding and communicating changing market conditions while serving client needs to best assist in executing optimal strategy.
  • Custom tailored trade solutions developed to meet each customer’s specific trading needs across asset classes

It’s time to execute better. Tell us about your trading needs.


Full-service, professional futures brokerage services for the world’s futures exchanges.

Trade Execution

We operate a full-service brokerage for all CME Group products, specializing in SOFR options, the most liquid product in the world. Our in-house team of seasoned brokers are on hand to provide exceptional service, knowledge and support.

Our Insight

Professional traders require the highest levels of service, which is why we go beyond by providing insight.

  • Vol runs/straddle runs provide current levels to assist clients understand implied volatility.
  • Player updates to assist clients in understanding who is participating in the market.
  • Trade analysis to assist and update trade rationale.


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