Full Service

Full Service

Let our experienced brokers guide you through the entire process-- from setting up an account and selecting a FCM to market forecasts, price monitoring and trade execution.

When you are full service client, you get the whole Trean Group family. Unlike many futures brokers, Trean Group fosters a team-oriented environment where market insights are shared company-wide so that our brokers can relay the most up-to-date information possible.

At Trean Group we pride ourselves on a hands-on approach by educating clients about trading futures and options, risk management strategies and futures market nuances. Even the most experienced traders enjoy full-service brokerage for brainstorming trading ideas, access to market research, deferring the chance of order error, risk management aid, our superior trade execution abilities and getting the best possible fill.

Full Service Clients receive:

  • FCM selection to best suit trading strategy
  • Education on options on futures
  • Risk management tactics
  • Research and market forecasts
  • Prompt and accurate account management
  • Best-in-class trade execution