Trean Group's Clearing Services

In today’s fiscal environment, traders need options when it comes to clearing firms. That’s why Trean Group utilizes and maintains relationships with several clearing firms including FC Stone and Crossland. We personally match the strengths of a particular clearing firm to meet the specific needs of each client allowing them access to financial markets worldwide.

Trean Group’s team of knowledgeable and experienced professionals paired with our clearing relationships provide our clients with a standard of service that is unavailable anywhere else.

We offer high-level clearing services for professional traders, pure hedgers, farmers, electronic traders and floor traders.

Clearing clients receive:

  • Daily equity runs
  • Daily and monthly statements
  • Margin call and open order reports
  • Correct account balances
  • Prompt processing of deposits and withdrawals
  • Reasonable commissions and fees
  • Personal service from our skilled team
  • Hourly or daily prelims by request