API Access/Colocation

API Access

API access, or Application Programming Interface, provides traders direct market access to the U.S. futures markets.

Trean Group provides high frequency traders, scalpers and algorithmic traders with numerous front-end platforms and exposed APIs to meet these traders’ unique requirements.

If you’re looking to connect directly to U.S. futures markets with API access, contact Trean Group now.


For traders who are seeking high-frequency, low-latency market access Trean Group provides colocated servers so you can also enjoy the freedom to trade quickly and confidently from anywhere in the world.

Both algorithmic traders and traders utilizing automated systems use our fast, reliable, redundant and scalable servers to execute their trading strategies.

If you’re looking to connect to the fast, redundant access of a futures exchange matching engine to reduce execution times and lower the risks of multiple points of failure contact Trean Group now.